Cristina also had sent her a package to congratulate her but it was nowhere to be found. Back on the beach, she tried to reach Derek but somehow always ended up back at the starting point far away from him. nur Meredith ein passender Spender war willigte sie, jedoch nur wegen Lexie, in die Transplantation ein. Meredith vaguely remembered her mother's pregnancy with Webber's child after he broke it off. She threw her hat in the ring for the recent job opening for interim Chief to have extra work to distract her from her desires. Then, one night after a long day of work, Janet showed up at their door with Zola and told the couple that she was theirs. Andere Verwandte Meredith also helped Callie with her separation from Arizona, the custody hearing, and even comforted her after she lost sole custody of Sofia to Arizona. Sie schlafen kurze Zeit später, in der Nacht des Seattle Grace Prom, miteinander. He claimed he knew they were just friends who had sex, but during Owen and Amelia's wedding, he smilingly looked at her, indicating he had started to feel more for her. 3. Meredith then went to work telling friends that she was happier than ever with her husband and children. [102] Due to Owen's stories, she began to notice he was prone to making rash medical decisions, and their opinions quite often differed. wenn sie high vom Morphin oder betrunken ist, ist sie glücklich und fröhlich. Nach einem harten Tag, They stayed together and after his mother's visit, Derek decided to propose with his mother's engagement ring. Richard was questioned about the Alzheimer trial but he maintained that he was the only one who had played a role in that. She then decided it was okay to tear the wall down. Meredith asked Bailey for advice on how to tell her kids. Meredith frequently talks about her problems with Derek, to her, and all the talk about her and Derek, have been a sore point with Cristina, at least a couple of times. The post-it note that married Derek and Meredith. After Diane eventually passed away, Nathan and Meredith agreed that their timing wasn't right to start something between them and indefinitely postponed their dinner plans, since Maggie would heavily rely on Meredith in the near future. Ihre Beziehung war After watching Sandra Oh embody Dr. Cristina Yang — Meredith Grey's person — on Grey's Anatomy for ten seasons, it was hard to imagine the series without her (via The Hollywood Reporter). Staffel 9:Meredith' Fruchtblase platzt und als sie kurz davor ist mit pressen anzufangen, stellt ihre Ärztin fest, dass sie einen Kaiserschnitt durchführen müssen. Merediths erste Patientin war Katie Bryce. Meredith then took her concerns to Bailey, who put Meredith on Suzanne's case to approve every step. Susan would wash her clothes and make dinner for her and was like a surrogate mother to her. To calm herself and "act normal", Meredith took Andrew into the kitchen and took over preparing egg rolls from the catering staff, inadvertently putting a plastic tray in the oven, which led to the penthouse being evacuated right before the big celebratory speech. Meredith did a full workup and diagnosed cardiomyopathy. Lexie thought it wasn't George because she didn't think he was tall enough, so Callie checked for a Texas-shaped birthmark on his hand, which she saw, confirming it was George. Maggie ist Meredith's Halbschwester, die Tochter von Ellis Grey und Richard Webber. Commonly using well-known phrases, but trails off at the end and replaces the last word with "whatever" e.g. He told Meredith that if she wanted, they could date and that he loved her. Eileen Nancy told her she squeezed a drop of humanity out of the judge, which meant she'd have to make up the lost hours in jail. Later, when Derek was shown Meredith's fate by the little girl, he jumped into the water and then retrieved a pale, seemingly lifeless Meredith. After Derek decided to be a better person and let her go and be with Finn, she realized she wanted Derek and broke up with Finn. She and Cormac left the hospital to go spoil their kids. Meredith used an iPhone with the password 1515 until she bought a new phone after Derek's death. Die Meredith is happy and cheerful when she is hopped up on morphine or drunk. Derek immediately bonded with Zola and suggested adoption. Meredith assumed that Andrew was judging her for her actions, but he revealed he was actually in awe of her and hadn't spoken out because he was afraid he would tell her that he loved her. Meredith also consoled a sad Derek, who had lost Heather in surgery. eingeliefert. Deborah Curzon, a special assistant to the president, came to Seattle in a last attempt to recruit Derek for their team. Grey's Anatomy, “Muss denn eine Beziehung immer wie im Märchen sein? He told Richard that he was the most professional man except for when it came to Meredith Grey, who he didn't always treat as a colleague. He never looked Meredith in the eye and eventually, Derek Shepherd spoke to them both. Meredith then asked the man for a favor. Bailey overcame her fear to operate and pulled Meredith through. Zola wächst seitdem behütet bei ihren Eltern und späteren Geschwistern auf. On Christmas Eve, Jo and Alex invited Meredith for their classy NYE party. After a fierce competition, Derek decided to let Meredith go, but as soon as he let her go, Meredith realized she wanted to be with him. Children Meredith found Andrew clearing out the lab and he requested some time alone, so she told him to let her know if he needed anything and left him be.[61]. Bailey recognized the feeling, being the last one standing from her residency class, and then told Meredith that Richard was stepping down from surgery.[83]. zu schaffen und kamen wieder zusammen. She woke up when Andrew showed up to take over from her. She tried to reach him but woke up as Andrew and Maggie got her back into bed and rushed her to radiology for a chest CT. After the scan showed a dire situation, Meredith suggested they start her on triple antiviral therapy on which she had found an article. Callie decided that their win should be celebrated, and Meredith, Derek, Callie, Arizona, and Cristina all went to dinner to celebrate, where Meredith revealed that she was pregnant. After watching Andrew take care of the newborn baby, Meredith decided to gather her kids that night. At the hospital, she shared her experience with Andy Herrera, who made her see that she now knew there still were great men out there and that she managed to dodge this particular slow-moving bullet because he revealed his opinion on single mothers before the relationship could have dragged on for too long. While in line at the coffee cart, she ran into Amelia and Maggie who told her about their problems.[74]. She decided not to reach out since the sole purpose would be making Thatcher feel better, which she didn't think weighed up against the pain it would cause her and her kids. As a gift, Meredith was given an "Anatomy Jane" doll by her parents, which contained 24 parts/organs to take out, and extra parts to simulate pregnancy. He wrote that during his call with Izzie, he heard children in the background, and Izzie told him they were his. Before a date with Daniel, Meredith was told by Richard that her father was dying of acute myeloid leukemia. ob das möglich war. However, Robin brought up that her insurance wouldn't cover the treatment if it only covered one asthma inhaler per month. Meredith Grey is the head of general surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Before leaving, she told him she was missing him. Meredith und Dereks erster Sohn, der am Tag des großen Sturmes per Kaiserschnitt auf die Welt gekommen ist. She broke up with Finn, who told her Derek was no good for her before he walked out for the last time. However, Maggie misinterpreted his look as being for her, and she confessed to Meredith that she had a crush on Nathan, leaving Meredith in an awkward situation.[36]. They staged an intervention with Carina, Richard, and his psychiatrist. Cormac tried to intervene but Meredith had it covered. On the night of the Seattle Grace Hospital Prom, Derek went with Addison, while Meredith went with Finn. Vincenzo came to Seattle to pitch research on gestational sacks, while Meredith had a dream about her mother that steered her towards finding a specific new research project, though she had yet to figure out what exactly it was. Link pointed out Jo had kidnapped a baby but Meredith understood why she had taken the baby for the night. As they waited, she told him about how she got fired and he talked about him and Cristina treating a kid with a similar condition in Switzerland, bringing up a story Cristina had told him about Alex saving a kid with that condition as well. She then agreed to let him take over. Später, als es Derek wieder besser geht, entschuldigt er sich und Meredith verzeiht ihm. When Derek walks in and looks at the two of them, she explains by saying he's being a girl for her right now. After another recess, the judge announced that the hearing would be postponed given the situation. Eventually, the two did formally marry, as it would make it easier for them to legally adopt Zola, an African girl Derek got to know while treating her spina bifida. However, after Meredith broke down after attending the execution of a murderer, Derek brought her to Cristina and they made up. Her current phone password is "1008", which she revealed to Jo during a surgery. However, this difference in viewpoints culminated in what was a breach of their marriage, when she messed up Derek's Alzheimer drug trial. Then Sadie left. After having a one-night stand with Derek without knowing that he was her boss, she and Derek began dating, initially discreetly. She shared that Meredith hadn't been matched to Seattle Grace at first until Richard reached out to the NRMP to make a personal recommendation, which landed Meredith her spot. As she mentioned that a C-section was necessary to deliver the baby safely, the lights went out and the back-up generators failed to engage. Meredith and Cormac saved the girl. Initially, she didn't like the way Lexie followed her around and seemed envious of her rapport with Derek. Soon after, Meredith discovered numerous journals belonging to her mother, while she learned more about her and also picked up some surgical skills and even a doll from her past, Anatomy Jane, which helped her save a young girl. However, their dinner plans were canceled when Maggie's mother's health took a turn for the worst and Meredith had to support Maggie throughout her mother's treatment. [72], Meredith went to jail. Paula wasn't impressed with her small problems and told her how she had landed there. Staffel 9:Alle Überlebenden des Flugzeugabsturzes verklagen das Krankenhaus und bekommen dann je 15 Mio Dollar. She sent him for a walk and apologized for his behavior. Richard Webber informed her that her mother would have been proud, while Meredith said that her mother was likely to have been glad that she didn't kill anyone instead. As a blizzard hit Seattle and blocked off all roads, Cormac was unable to get a donor liver from Seattle Pres to Grey Sloan. Bailey still thought that they should open him back up, and Meredith made the call to book an OR for Bailey. She revealed she had a spinal tumor. While getting dressed, he said they should talk about their relationship soon and revealed he had lured diagnostician Lauren Riley from UCSF to the hospital using Meredith's name before rushing out. Staffel 1: Meredith will zunächst keine Beziehung zu ihrem Vorgesetzten, Staffel 1: Meredith lässt George und Izzie bei ihr einziehen, Meredith bespricht ihre Probleme immer mit ihrer besten Freundin Cristina, Staffel 3: Meredith fällt bei der Versorgung von Opfern der Fährenkatastrophe ins Hafenbecken, Staffel 3: Meredith trifft im Jenseits ihre Mutter, die sie ermutigt sich fürs Leben zu entscheiden, Staffel 3: Meredith entscheidet sich in letzter Sekunde fürs Leben und ihr Herz fängt wieder an zu schlagen, Staffel 3: Während Meredith gerettet werden kann, stirbt ihre Mutter, Staffel 4: Meredith baut auf Dereks Grundsütck ein Haus aus Kerzen, Derek macht mit Rose Schluss, Staffel 5: Derek macht Meredith im Aufzug einen Antrag, Staffel 6: Meredith hält Lexie als große Schwester einen Vortrag über Seitensprünge, Staffel 6: Meredith muss während des Amoklaufs, Staffel 7: Meredith muss Derek einige Male aus dem Gefängnis abholen, wegen zu schnellem Fahren, Staffel 7: Meredith darf zum ersten Mal allein die Notaufnahme leiten. She was married to Derek Shepherd until his death; they have two daughters, Zola and Ellis, and a son, Bailey. He mocked her and also told her to report it to HR. Ausserdem bemerkte sie, dass ", When William Thorpe and Meredith worked together on a patient, Brian Carson, he flirted with her and asked to follow up with her. She replied yes that’s my husband. 2 Jahre nach Dereks Tod hat sie ihre komplette Wohnung geputzt, nur um eine alte Wolldecke von Derek zu finden, die er aus seinem altem Wohnwagen mit in ihr "Traumhaus" nahm. Sie fand heraus, wer ihre Mutter On the day of her court hearing, she woke up to Zola telling her she wasn't feeling well. Letztendlich entscheiden sie sich doch zu bleiben. While closing up, Connie got called away for another mother in need, and she and Meredith trusted Shane to close up. Her favorite ice cream is strawberry ice cream. Irgendwann hatte Derek davon genug und sie ließen einen Ultraschall machen. After taken to a vet, Doc was diagnosed with bone cancer. [10], Near the end of their third year of residency, Meredith revealed to Cristina that she was pregnant. Eltern They were given a date to see a judge about the adoption after Alex went to the judge directly. This alarmed the doctors. Afterward, Luis Rivera testified that Meredith had saved his daughter and that there should be more doctors like her. Ihr Ziel ist es, drei Harper Averys zu gewinnen, weil es ihre Mutter verrückt machen würde. The story begins when heroine Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) enters the first year of her residency program, so, she should be about 26 at that point and … Following Richard's urging, Meredith decided she did want to say goodbye to her father before it was too late. Meredith quickly finished her assigned zone at community service and asked her supervisor to be allowed to leave to take care of an emergency. Seattle jedes Mal, wenn sie im Traum daran denkt, dass ihr Ehemann Derek Sheperd tot ist, fängt sie an zu schreien und zu weinen. They disagreed over approaches and had to convert to his when hers failed. While he was off, Meredith and Cormac worked to stabilize the girl, who developed a hemorrhage. She went home and greeted her kids. Tom made Meredith wait in the waiting area so she made Taryn promise to text her updates. Bailey stated Meredith was too good of a surgeon for that and that everything she had survived made her better instead of cold or hard. The couple argued on and off over his new job and he moved to DC in the heat of the moment. They both became very happy once Derek moved back to Seattle. When Meredith announced her own wedding, she chose Cristina as her maid of honor. Meredith talks to Megan before the surgery. Arbeit als Ärztin, Meredith als Kind oft vergaß. Meredith then told him to ask her out to dinner, which he did, and she said yes. Ellis ist die jüngste Tochter von Derek und Meredith. [77], Meredith texted Cristina to get more info on Cormac but Cristina stayed mum. He eventually chose Addison and Meredith was left heartbroken. When George discovered that he had to repeat his intern year, he drew away from his group of friends, but things soon went back to normal. Despite a fall-out that resulted in Meredith kicking Amelia out of the house, Amelia continued to watch over her when Meredith was attacked. On her way to consult on Levi's patient, she ran into Cormac, whose boys had ditched him in an attempt to make them late for the parent-teacher conferences. Meredith talked him through the case and noticed that he was speaking fast and apparently had not slept for days. Meredith then spent several weeks at home in bed, recovering from the transplant operation. If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you know […] She suggested he get some sleep, but he said he didn't need any of this nor her. Lexie dann eifersüchtig auf April wurde, als sie ein Geheimnis von Meredith All Meredith left was a note saying that she and the children were safe. As the janitor cleaned out George's cubby, as they "need(ed) space," Meredith realized that what had happened was real and broke down in Derek's arms. Meredith und Derek begruben ihn an seinem Lieblingsplatz Bailey told her that it was part of growing up. The next morning, Meredith found herself dreaming about Andrew and was reminded of her thoughts when he apologized at the hospital for kissing her. Meredith and Owen have had a turbulent relationship, as they have often clashed over Cristina, whom they both care about very much. She followed Jo into a staircase, where Jo promised she would never let Alex take the fall for what happened to Jason. Scans revealed a mass. When Meredith had a bad day, he confronted her about it in the parking lot. Callie and Meredith also have the common bond of being mothers, which has helped their friendship a great deal. She sent Derek a message and got checked out by Connie Ryan, and she promised that everything was fine with the baby. Alex bemerkt, was vorgeht und versucht ihr klar zu machen, dass sie Dereks Studie sabotiert hat. versuchten. She wouldn't need to grieve him since he had been a ghost for years. She finally learned that Meredith actually loved Derek, and it was not a fling. Sie wurde nach Ellis Grey und Cristina Yang benannt. However, upon learning of Meredith's tampering with Derek's trial, she voices her strong disapproval of her, as evidenced from her interactions with Meredith, when she got fired, and the Chief, when asked to write a recommendation letter for her. Megan tried to find out from her who Nathan had been dating, but Meredith didn't answer. However, it appeared that with Alex's apology, they mended their fences and went back to their former relationship, as he was there to provide some physical support after Meredith learned that Zola had to be surrendered to Social Services for the time being. However, in times of crisis, they made up and all of them lived happily as a family after Alex, feeling guilty, managed to get them Zola back. But during that time, Meredith's mother Ellis Grey was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease and placed into a nursing home in Seattle. es aß, obwohl sie wusste, dass sie eine allergische Reaktion bekommen würde. Meredith was the only one who knew about her mother's condition outside the nursing home staff, whose personnel were bound by contract to keep Ellis's condition confidential. She also later broke the hospital's record for the single longest surgery. Staffel 9:Nachdem Meredith ihre Probleme mit Stimmungsschwankungen gelöst hat,hat sie angefangen sich damit Panik zu machen, das das Baby eine Krankheit haben könnte. After Ellis Grey died, Susan reached out to Meredith and after a rough start, Susan and Meredith bonded. She told her that if Juliet was stupid enough to fall for the enemy, drink a bottle of poison and go to sleep in a mausoleum, then she deserved whatever she got. Finally, Nathan showed up at Meredith's house, verbally confirming his feelings for her. At first, Meredith was angry with Derek for not telling her, but she later admitted to still loving him and begged him to "pick me, choose me, love me." He was found to have cirrhosis of the liver. The husband of a deceased patient, Gary Clark, entered the hospital and shot many people, killing many, including Dr. Reed Adamson and Dr. Charles Percy. Meredith didn't really react to save her from further embarrassment. Bailey taught Meredith and the interns with a tough-love method. [82], At work, Amelia inquired about Alex's departure but Meredith said she didn't want to talk about it. After the surgery, Meredith briefly met Atticus Lincoln but dismissed him at his attempt to introduce himself. Als Carolyn Shepherd (Schwiegermutter)Mr. Shepherd† (Schwiegervater) Amelia Shepherd (Schwägerin)Nancy Shepherd (Schwägerin)Liz Shepherd (Schwägerin)Kathleen Shepherd (Schwägerin)Eric Thompson (Schwager)Laura Grey-Thompson (Nichte) He decided to drive up there and could hardly contain his excitement and happiness, something she told him he did not need to apologize for as she understood how he felt. She tried to help out as much as she could, but Derek and the others told her to rest after her major abdominal surgery. She told her sisters she had come to realize she had a lot to work with even if she were to lose her license. Derek froze. Er trifft Meredith das erste Mal, als Doc krank wird und sie ihn zu Finn in die Klinik bringt. Meredith called in Owen and Richard to help out. Maggie tried to talk to her about her healthcare directive but Meredith brushed it off so she could talk to her daughter. ", suggesting that she enjoys their music. However, that friendship may have run its course, seeing as how he had sold her out, while in a drunken stupor, to Owen Hunt, while the residents were all in the race for Chief Resident. Meredith ended up leaving him in jail on the night of Cristina and Owen's wedding. When Alex was drunk, he told Owen Hunt about this incident, who continued to alarm Derek and Richard. Meredith also warned Nathan that Maggie was going to ask him out, which Nathan believed to be the reason Meredith rejected his pursuits.[106]. He pointed out her children wouldn't recover if she were locked up, but she planned on hiring a great lawyer and plead her case, confident that her track record and the fact that it was her first offense would help her win. CurrentGrey Sloan Memorial HospitalFormerSeattle Grace HospitalSeattle Grace Mercy West Hospital Meredith once again awoke from a beach dream when Amelia video chatted with little Ellis. She said that move could have ended his career had it gone wrong and she pointed out he was not in the right state of mind to make life-and-death decisions. Portrayed by Meredith was the only person who knew about Cristina's pregnancy, and Cristina about Meredith's. Staffel Ein Harper Avery. Meredith formed a close bond with Izzie on their first day and her relationship with Izzie grew more so when Izzie and George moved in with her. Title(s) She claimed that Lexie was someone she never wanted to know, even denying that Lexie was her sister. Since she was given little to no medical care, Luis had no clue what was going on with her. At Jo and Alex's wedding, Andrew drunkenly kissed Meredith, and she rejected his advances, though she told him she was flattered. Schwester sei. She tried to reach Derek again, making a run for it, but she tripped and fell. Meredith concluded it would be better if you believed you can have more than one. After avoiding each other, they attempted friendship, but on the night of the Seattle Grace prom, they had sex in an exam room despite the fact that Meredith was dating Finn Dandridge and Derek was married to Addison. He believed she was worth waiting for. Bailey then found Meredith and told her she had stolen Meredith's idea and created the fellowship for Jo under her own leadership. She stated the system should have supported the Riveras and that it was broken. Richard Webber. The only people that knew about Meredith's miscarriage were Cristina, Owen, and April. She realized the article would terrify people and keep patients away from Grey Sloan. Bailey took the stand first and denied Nancy's suggestions of her and Meredith being close. Meredith was at work when Owen and Nathan brought Megan to the hospital. See more ideas about Ellen pompeo, Ellen, Greys anatomy. She went to the hospital to check on Andrew's status and, knowing what really happened, kept Alex updated on Andrew while lying to Maggie about what had happened to Andrew. Sara Ramírez as Dr. Callie Torres 7. 4. Nach Dereks Tod vermisst sie ihn ständig, worauf ihr Meredith jedes Mal sagt, 'Obwohl er nicht hier ist, ist er trotzdem immer mit dir'. Meredith joined him in the hyperbaric chamber with Gus Carter, while unbeknownst to her, her insurance fraud had come to light and Andrew was being questioned by Bailey, Catherine, and representatives from the insurance company. After correctly diagnosing a patient with a brain tumor, she approached Derek Shepherd with the idea of a clinical trial.

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